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Google using Drupal for M-Lab

Google announced Measurement Lab (M-Lab) this week, an open platform that researchers can use to deploy internet measurement tools. M-Lab will give end users the tools to figure out whether internet service providers are interfering with their broadband connections by blocking or throttling certain applications. Turns out that the current M-Lab site is using Drupal. Cool!


World Food Programme using Drupal

The United Nations is using Drupal (and Mollom) for the World Food Programme. The World Food Programme is the world's largest humanitarian organization. With almost 12,000 people working for the World Food Programme, their food assistance reaches an average of 100 million people in 80 countries every year.

It is a stunning Drupal 6 website built by Phase2 Technology and Development Seed. Awesome!

World food programme

Virgin using Drupal

Virgin Radio is using Drupal for a number of websites. Example:

I'm excited by this because I'm a Richard Branson fan. There, I have said it. He is one of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. He proves that you can do well, do good, and have a great time doing it -- which is exactly how I like to run Drupal, Acquia and Mollom. I you haven't read his book yet, you should!

Virgin radio redesign code sprints: update 1

Last week, we met at DrupalCamp Köln in Germany to start planning the redesign work. The intent of the meeting was to get a better handle on the work ahead of us, and to make preliminary design decisions. Further, we're starting to establish how we'll work together, and ultimately, how we scale out the work in the future.

We all went home from Germany with additional work to do:

  • Olav Schettler is researching OpenID servers and will share his findings in the redesign group.
  • Gábor Hojtsy took on the responsibility of dissecting Mark's design, mapping features onto modules, and helping to create a continuous integration environment to test the upgrade.
  • Robert Douglass agreed to do research on our search requirements, and will develop a comparison and discussion plan.
  • We formed a group of theme designers under the guidance of Mike O'Connor and Morten (King of Denmark) that will investigate our theme options and how to best translate Mark Boulton's designs to a working theme. If you want to help, contact them using their personal contact pages to join their temporary new group on The style guide is published at
  • Fago agreed to research friend and buddy lists. is as much (if not more) a social site than a content site and Mark's design promotes the social aspect even further.
  • Gerhard Killesreiter and Damien Tournoud are working on getting a test and development server set up so we can do continuous testing.
  • I agreed to continue my focus on coordination, communication, fundraising, financials, and more -- hence this blog post.

As the next step, about 10 of us are heading to Boston next week to begin work on the Drupal 5 to Drupal 6 upgrade of The list of people include: Gábor Hojtsy, Derek Wright (project module), Chad Phillips (project module), Dave Reid, Damien Tournoud, Neil Drumm, Susan MacPhee, Jeremy Andrews, Narayan Newton, David Strauss and myself.

So far, the fundraising is going well. In addition to the many individual contributors who have donated raw dollars in the Chip-in widget, various companies have stepped up to donate human resources. Kudos go to One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), AF83, Four Kitchens, DrupalTherapy, OpenBand, Looforyoo, NowPublic, Tag1 Consulting and Acquia.

However, if we want to make it to Paris to continue the work, we need more money and more attendees! If you're available to attend the sprint in Paris, and if you can help us upgrade modules or write new modules, please let me know. If you can support the sprints through a financial contribution via the ChipIn widget, we appreciate your support.

If you can't make it to either Boston or Paris, the best way to help is to review the overview at, the list of issues at, and help us tackle them one by one. These URLs reflect a live and accurate view of our progress so everyone can help -- bookmark these pages and start participating today! We hope that many people will help us remotely as we work on this list of issues. Thanks!

Drupal Association 2009 election

The Drupal Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Drupal community with fun­ding, infra­structure, events, promotion and distribution. The current Board of Directors was elected a year ago, so it's election time again!

On February 17 we will elect new Permanent Members (the General Assembly is comprised of all the Permanent Members) and our third Board of Directors (the Board of Directors is appointed by the General Assembly and is responsible for day-to-day operations). All the details can be found in the Drupal Association's Statutes and on the 2009 election website.

In its second year of operation, the pace of the Drupal Association's work has accelerated notably. We (i) extended the infrastructure, (ii) raised funds, (iii) helped organize two international Drupal conferences, (iv) resolved many licensing questions, (v) funded several events, and (vi) made the redesign a top priority. Despite the progress made in 2008, we would like to ramp up our professionalism and increase our activity in 2009.

We are looking for people that want to become a Director on the Drupal Association's Board of Directors and who can provide leadership and experience to expand the reach of the Drupal Association and its activities. All current Board positions, except the Secretary, are up for election, including President, Treasurer, Legal Officer, Marketing and Communications, Infrastructure Manager, Fundraiser, and Events Coordinator. The Association is also looking for new members with skills in marketing, local user group coordination, webmaster coordination, project management and more.

People interested in becoming a Permanent Members are also invited to apply. While Permanent Members don't have the full responsibilities of board members, we expect them to take on regular work for the Association. Work done by Permanent Members include a wide range of activities, from processing member applications to assisting with Association projects like the upgrade project to managing infrastructure.

The Drupal Association is solely run by unpaid volunteers and we expect that our board members will spend a considerable amount of time working on Association responsibilities and obligations. If you think you're a good candidate, and you have the time it takes, find an existing Permanent Member to support your candidacy and submit your application. Applications are due by February 10 and on February 17, we elect the new Permanent Members and the new Board of Directors.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments, or to contact the Drupal Association.

As the current president of the Drupal Association, I'll post my personal reflections, vision and wishlist for the Drupal Association in a follow-up blog post within the next couple of days. I expect that other Permanent Members will do the same, so keep an eye on the Drupal Association Planet as well as the Drupal Planet.


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