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My first Drupal workshops

For the first time in my Drupal career, I'll help teach two Drupal workshops.

The first Drupal workshop is organized by Roel De Meester as part of the Belgian Drupal User Group activities. The workshop will take place in Antwerp, next Saturday, March 10th. It is targeted at people who are new to Drupal: we'll show you how to install and configure a Drupal site but deliberately won't cover any advanced developer topics. The workshop is free to attend but seating is limited so hurry up and check Roel's announcement for more information.

The second Drupal workshop that I'll assist with is the Drupal performance and scalability workshop organized by Lullabot. At the workshop, James Walker (Bryght), Jeremy Andrews (CivicSpace), Matt Westgate (Lullabot) and myself will share tips and information on getting the maximum performance out of Drupal and the infrastructure that your Drupal site runs on. The workshop takes place on March 24th, directly after the Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo! in Sunnyvale, California. It is not free but all profits from this seminar will be donated to the Drupal Association. (We're not getting paid for it.)

Why am I doing this? Because I think it is fun, and because it is a great opportunity to learn from what Drupal users have to say.

"Kom op tegen kanker" uses Drupal

Kom op tegen kanker, the main Belgian charity that fights cancer, is using Drupal for their new campaign's website at In the next couple of weeks, the Flemish Radio- and Television Network (VRT) will be promoting the website on their networks (Een, Canvas, Donna, StuBru, Klara, Radio 1, Radio 2, etc).

While it may not be the prettiest Drupal website, to me it is worth more than MTV using Drupal, Sony using Drupal and PlayStation using Drupal together.

Kom op tegen kanker
Update: Steven Wittens, long time Drupal developer and co-author of Garland, shared a design review of Take a look at the his constructive suggestions (PDF, 590 KB). Thanks Steven!

Drupal Association launched

For many of us, Drupal is very much a labor of love. It's a story of having fun and working hard. If you follow what we do, it's easy to understand what we're all about -- making it easy to build websites, both for users and developers. Passion spreads and as a result, Drupal's size and scope has grown beyond what an ad hoc group of volunteers can realistically manage.

Organizing last summer's Drupal conference in Brussels would have been a lot easier with some financial backing, for example. Maintaining, scaling, upgrading, and improving the infrastructure is becoming a monumental task.

In response, we're proud to launch the Drupal Association. The Drupal Association is a non-profit organization with one goal: to support the Drupal project.

I wanted the Drupal Association to be a servant to the Drupal community, and to give it what it needs to flourish. Like this, the Drupal community can focus on what it does best: satisfying our users, defining Drupal's technical direction and having a blast.

After talking to various leaders in the Open Source community, I got together with Dries Knapen and Steven Wittens and we spent days drafting statutes and internal regulations. These were checked by legal advisors, refined, checked and proof-read by various members of the Drupal community until we were confident to incorporate the Drupal Association. Today, the Drupal Association has been incorporated, we assembled the initial board of directors, and we're ready to get to work.

Creating the Drupal Association opens up a number of opportunities. For example, donations may be given to the project through a central entity, rather than to individual community members. By handling administrative tasks, such as event management, resources are freed within the community to focus on improving the Drupal project. In the future, it will also provide the opportunity for individuals and businesses to be formally recognized as supporters of the project.

Needless to say, I'm really excited about the Drupal Association and we've big plans for it, too.

You can read more in our official press release and the official announcement or simply by checking out the Drupal Association's website.

The Power of Community

This is happening all over the world, not just in New York. Now read Drupal and the Power of Community and try to grasp what is going on.

If companies or projects would get out of their own way, and avoid standing in the way of their communities, they'd be surprised to see what happens.

"Ads of the World" using Drupal

Ads of the World is a great, fast growing Drupal website that I wanted to blog about for some time now. It's a community for advertising professionals, but it has lots of great stuff to like -- especially if you're a wannabe photographer like me.

The site is run by Ivan Raszl and was built with the help from the Drupal ninjas at



I'll be talking about Drupal at FOSDEM this year. FOSDEM, which stands for Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting, will take place in Brussels (Belgium) on February 24 and 25.

I got a last-minute invitation because Joe Hewitt from Firebug won't be able to make it. As an avid Firebug user, I find that quite bummer.

The title of my presentation will be "Why Drupal is the answer, regardless of your question". If you have pressing questions that you want me to answer in the presentation (whose answer is "Drupal") or suggestions for topics to cover, let me know in the comments.


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