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CD&V using Drupal

The CD&V (Christian Democratic and Flemish), one of the main political parties in Belgium, is now using Drupal for their official website.

Open Source CMS Summit 2007 photos

I just processed and uploaded a number of photos that I shot at the Open Source CMS Summit at Yahoo!. With more than 250 Drupal developers attending, this year's OSCMS Summit was simply overwhelming. Take a look at the photo gallery to get to know some of the faces behind Drupal. Thanks Yahoo!
Registration desk

The registration desk at Yahoo!.


Some of the many Drupal developers. Photo taken just before my presentation.

Going home

On our way home, sun turned into rain ...

James Walker

James Walker

James Walker pimped out with his Drupal schwag. Why? Because <a href="">he doesn't always get the love</a> that he deserves ...

Yahoo! schwag


Some of the schwag we got at Yahoo! here in Sunnyvale, San Francisco. Of course, we got t-shirts too!

Twitter, Drupal and Jabber

It would be great if Drupal could interface with Twitter. Twitter supports several methods of delivering messages; using instant messaging, using RSS, using SMS to your mobile phone, and more. For small sites like mine, it would be great to get notified about new comments through MSN or Jabber. Drupal event notifications to the desktop!

Who says I want to track my friends? I want to track my websites. ;-)

It's pretty obvious that Twitter-like services with less focus on social networking will arrive soon. It fits the line of existing web services rather well, and enables these services to better talk to the user.

The question is; who is going to offer this service so we don't have to abuse Twitter? And when it gets built, let's hope it will be based on Jabber, so it is truly open, standard, decentralized, secure and extensible.

(Actually, I know some people who have built exactly that, but I don't know whether they are going to open it up, or make it available as a service.)

If anything, this begs for Drupal's logging functionality to be refactored so messages can selectively be delivered to multiple registered output channels, be it database logging, Twitter, Jabber, MSN, e-mail or syslog.

The Drupal song

Jeff Robbins, co-founder of Lullabot and former lead singer of Orbit wrote us Drupal song (mirror)! Drupal, Drupal, Drupal, Drupal, Dru-pal!

Now, let's record a video this week at Yahoo! and upload it to Sony's Musicbox. ;-)


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