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Linux Format reviews Drupal 4.7

In the January 2007 issue, Linux Format reviewed Drupal 4.7 and compared it to Joomla, Mambo, Midgard, Plone and Typo3. The information is not always 100% accurate, but it certainly makes for a good starting point if you're looking for a CMS.
Linux format
Linux format
Linux format

Drupal 5 introduction

Robert Safuto of Awakened Voice has done an excellent Drupal screencast. He takes you on a 22 minute tour of Drupal 5 (QuickTime, 22 min, 77 MB). If you're new to Drupal and you want to learn more about the key features and configuration options, this screencast makes for an excellent start. Recommended!

Bring it on, IBM!

IBM just announced Lotus Connections. According to this article in Business Week, Lotus Connections wraps five social networking technologies up into one integrated package: profiles, where employees post information about their expertise and interests; communities, which are formed and managed by people with common interests; activities, which are used to manage group projects; bookmarks, where people share documents and websites with others; and blogs.

Microsoft was quick to reply with a press release announcing new tools that will help IBM Lotus Notes users migrate to Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

So we have Microsoft SharePoint 2007 versus IBM's Lotus Connections. But how is IBM going to compete with SharePoint's many third-party hosted service providers? Or with Google for that matter (think Google calendar, Google spreadsheets, Google's Blogger, Google search, Google pages, Google wiki/JotSpot, ...)?

With that in mind, now consider this. Many organizations have been experimenting with Drupal and see real benefits from using it. They are begging for reliable support. One or two years from now, they'll be begging for better integration with their existing tools and platforms.

It doesn't take a whole lot of IBM'ers to get Drupal to talk with Lotus Connections, to get Drupal up to par with SharePoint, or for IBM to become the world's premier Drupal support company. It is a small investment for a win-win situation.

IBM embraced Linux so they know how to do this, and they know how well that worked. It helped IBM turn around some of its business and strengthened their position in the server market. The battle has since moved up the stack and Lotus is to Drupal what AS/400 was to Linux. It will be interesting to see if IBM is going to repeat history and embrace an open source alternative.

Hillary Clinton using Drupal

Democratic Senator Hillary Clinton announced today that she'll embark on a campaign to become the first female president of the United States. And do you know what? Her supporters made her a Drupal campaign website already. Yay!
Hillary clinton

A screenshot of Hillary Clinton's campaign website at <a href=""></a>.

Open Source in Europe

The European Commission published an interesting study on the impact of Free and Open Source Software on the European economy (PDF, 287 pages). Based on an empirical study of the European IT market and forecasting techniques, the following is one of many interesting conclusions:

Proprietary packaged software firms account for well below 10% of employment of software developers in the US, and "IT user" firms account for over 70% of software developers employed with a similar salary (and thus skill) level. This suggests a relatively low potential for cannibalisation of proprietary software jobs by FLOSS, and suggests a relatively high potential for software developer jobs to become increasingly FLOSS-related. FLOSS and proprietary software show a ratio of 30:70 (overlapping) in recent job postings indicating significant demand for FLOSS-related skills.

I can't speak for other projects but Drupal is in high demand, and there is a shortage of talented Drupal developers and consultants on the market.

Either way, make sure you can put "solid understanding of open source software development" on your resume. It increases your market value. And you'll have more fun too.

Drupal 5.0 released

Today, 8 months after the Drupal 4.7 release, we released Drupal 5.0 to the world. Drupal 4.0 was released in 2002 so it took us a few year to feel confident to increase the major version number from 4 to 5. Needless to say, Drupal 5 is our most exciting release to date. Read more about Drupal 5.0 in the official release announcement or just look at the "what is new in Drupal 5.0?" screencast (13 Mb, 10 min, mp4) that we prepared. Rock on, Drupal community!

Happy sixth birthday Drupal

Today, six years ago, Drupal 1.0.0 was released! The following snippet is taken directly from the original announcement:

Today, announces the release of drupal 1.00 after an extensive period of testing. Drupal is a full-featured content management/discussion engine using Apache/PHP/MySQL and suitable to setup a news-driven community or portal site similar to and Current features include discussion forums, web-based administration, theme support, an open submission queue, content management, a modularized design, PHP sessions, user management with access control and username/profanity/hostname filters, error logging, a public diary module, an affiliate site module, backend/headline generation (RSS/RDF) and much more.

To celebrate the event, Karlijn and I made you some cookies:

Happy birthday Drupal!

Making of


Step 1: buy the tools and the ingredients to make the cookies of your choice. Could be peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies or sugar cookies as long there is room for custom frosting.


Step 2: unpack the ingredients.


Step 3: mix all the ingredients as you would normally do.


Step 5: bend a metal ring so it takes the shape of Druplicon (the Drupal logo).


Step 6: cut Druplicons in dough using our Druplicon cookie cutter.


Step 7: take out the Druplicon shaped dough.


Step 8: put the Druplicon dough in the oven. That's my "DrupalCon Brussels" t-shirt reflecting in the oven's cover glass.


Step 9: take the cookies out of the oven.


Step 10: mix the frosting with blue food coloring.


Step 11: dip the cookies into the frosting.


Step 12: dip the cookies in the frosting.


Step 13: that's it! Happy birthday Drupal!


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