InfoWorld using Drupal

InfoWorld relaunched on Drupal 6 yesterday! Check out their new site at InfoWorld has been around since 1978 and is a well-known resource for IT professionals. I hope they write up a use case because it is a great testament to Drupal 6.

The project was done by Optaros (an Acquia partner), with help from Airbag Industries for the design work. Chris Fuller was the project lead.



Alexander Langer (not verified):

Looks great but currently suffers from technical difficulties and therefore the site is in offline mode / unreachable.

April 05, 2009
infojunkie (not verified):

To wit, they're using Drupal 6.9:

Is there a reliable way to programmatically detect Drupal installations?

April 05, 2009
Tony (not verified):

I use this firefox add-on:

It detects most CMS's pretty accurately.


April 05, 2009
peach - all dr… (not verified):…

Wich is why I think it's an important security measure to block those files at the server level. This makes it harder for automated scripts to detect your CMS.

April 06, 2009
seutje (not verified):

Did that thing just try to open 2 popups? :(

April 06, 2009
Tim (not verified):

I thought Infoworld had changed. Didn't occur to me that it was Drupal though! I coming across more and more websites based on Drupal that I'd never thought were. Some of them give be inspiration for my own Drupal sites. I'll have to have a look around to see what modules/features are being used in Infoworld

Tony - thanks for that link. I've been viewing the source to try and find out the CMS of certain websites. That addon looks great.

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April 17, 2009