Microsoft promoting Drupal

Microsoft announced its Web Application Gallery at its annual MIX conference today. The exciting news for many of us is that Drupal is one of the first 10 applications to be included as part of the Web Application Gallery. Other open source applications including Wordpress, SilverStripe, and Gallery also made into the initial group.

The Microsoft Web Application Gallery follows on from last year's Web Application Installer, but it is even better. The Web Application Gallery allows you to browse and discover web applications that install and deploy well on Windows, and offers a simplified download/install experience for these applications and all of Microsoft's free web products that these applications run on. Just click the 'Install' button on the Web Application Gallery and you'll be guided through the installation process. For people running Windows Vista, 2003 Server, XP or Windows 7, the installer automatically configures IIS6 or IIS7 appropriately for PHP and Drupal, installing the required MySQL database and PHP's mod-rewrite rules and required extensions. Note that Drupal does not support Microsoft SQL, and that Microsoft will not automatically install MySQL at this point -- the installer prompts users to download and install Windows binaries for MySQL from

Because we believe this is an opportunity to introduce Drupal to hundreds of thousands of new users, Acquia worked with Microsoft to help package Acquia Drupal for the Web Application Gallery. When Microsoft approached us, we were cautious at first, but quickly realized this could be a great opportunity for both Drupal, and the Open Source community at large. We were further encouraged when the Microsoft Web Platform team provided us every resource we needed to get the job done in record time, including dedicating a full-time engineer to work with us. While not perfect in version 1.0 we are encouraged by this new direction.

One interesting aspect of this cooperation is that the actual Drupal code, along with the Web Application Gallery metadata, is all hosted and maintained by Acquia (not by Microsoft). Whenever we roll a new release of Acquia Drupal, the Web Application Gallery will automatically point to the latest version of Acquia Drupal. It is integrated in our testing environment and build loops. In addition, all support for this IIS-friendly Acquia Drupal package can be handled through Acquia's support forums.

This kind of arrangement makes things very scalable for Microsoft. Going forward, anyone will be able to submit their and PHP applications for inclusion in the Web Application Gallery. If Microsoft chooses to push this hard, and markets these applications to the millions of Windows developers world-wide, it is likely we'll be seeing hundreds of Free and Open Source applications being added to the Web Application Gallery. Microsoft also told us that they are working on an SDK that will allow third-party applications, such as Plesk and cPanel, to integrate with the Web Application Gallery, enabling their customers to install all the Web Application Gallery software directly on their Windows-based hosting accounts instead of their local desktop.

Microsoft web application gallery


Ryan (not verified):

Extremely awesome. Way to go. : )

March 18, 2009
Qasim Virjee (not verified):

Great Stuff! I wonder if this will also kick-start Drupal's use in Intranet applications...

Kudos Dries/Acquia!


March 18, 2009
Bill Staples (not verified):


thanks so much for participating in the Web App Gallery launch. It was a pleasure working with you and I wish you could have been here at MIX for the launch. I'm so glad Drupal was among the first apps to join the Web App Gallery, it is definitely one of the best on the Web!



March 18, 2009
seutje (not verified):

Gasp! This is beyond awesome, Drupal (and open source in general) taking over the world!

March 19, 2009
John Evans (not verified):

Being aware of tom-tom's problems, are there any hidden issues for Drupal, regarding the use of the GPL?

If this is a silly question please ignore but it seems that Microsoft often, not always, give gifts in the Greek style.

March 19, 2009
CMS Critic (not verified):

Great to see Dries, congratulations are definitely in order. It's good to see some more options available for installing open source content management systems.

March 19, 2009
Abhishek nagar (not verified):

A win win for drupal and open source in general :)

gr8 to see drupal there, so now micro$oft also realizes the power of open source.

March 19, 2009
Tj Holowaychuk (not verified):

Microsoft is useless, terrible terrible company

March 19, 2009
Anonymous (not verified):

Further evidence that Drup, like WP is orienting itself towards commercial interests. Drup is no longer the independent platform it used to be.

How sad.

Perhaps Drup can aspire to be as great as Windows someday.

March 19, 2009
Anonymous (not verified):

Embrace, extend and...?

March 23, 2009
infojunkie (not verified):

I am curious about the motive of Microsoft to launch the Web Platform initiative. They are surely not interested in providing services on top of those Web applications. So I would say their only interest is to redirect some of the development that happens on these applications to run on WIMP instead of LAMP.

BTW, would the Web Platform team agree to list Drupal consultants and services companies next to the product?

March 24, 2009
infojunkie (not verified):

According to Lauren Cooney, group product manager for Web Platform and Standards at Microsoft, the vision for the Web Platform is to create a marketplace where "developers and partners" can find a "custom distribution pipeline". That just *might* mean we can get our names up there :-)


March 26, 2009
RocknRolla (not verified):

Where is Joomla ???

March 24, 2009
yhager (not verified):

As of today, Joomla is first in the list, Drupal is not on the first five, and is actually two clicks away (Categories->Content management-> last in the list).

Trusting Microsoft will not get us very far...

December 16, 2009
Anonymous (not verified):

I find it really funny that the open source communists are bemoaning Drupal's cooperation with Microsoft. As if getting more installs of your software is a bad thing. You silly kids will never learn...

May 12, 2009