Macworld using Drupal


theborg (not verified):

Finally a Mac site!!! Who's next?

November 19, 2007 (not verified): seems to be the site from the same publisher, and it's a drupal powered site too.

Maybe that publisher has even more drupal powered sites?

November 20, 2007
travisc (not verified):

Looks like they are bang'n em out, just re-skinning the graphics. My guess is we will see many more sites like this from this publisher. E for All Expo certainly does have a nice look though...

November 21, 2007
Caleg G (not verified):

This really puts a real smile on my face. Getting a Macworld endorsement could conceivably lead to higher awareness/acceptance from designers, art directors, and creative agencies. (a long standing objective of the Drupal community, of course!)

November 19, 2007
bertboerland (not verified):

As a new convert, great news!

November 19, 2007
travisc (not verified):

Can anyone tell if they used the conference install profile? I'm assuming no...

November 21, 2007
Sara (not verified):

Maybe you already know, but I'll put the link here anyway:®-v6-nerd-faq

November 21, 2007
jack (not verified):

It's easy to spot Drupal sites (if they allow user registrations). :)

Let's just say the generated form aren't very flexible by default (form_alter doesn't count :P).



November 27, 2007
JW (not verified):

Drupal also @

We just upgraded it to 5.2 and we are using a ton of great features and cutting edge modules.

July 16, 2008

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