VRT using Drupal

The Flemish Radio- and Television Network (VRT) uses Drupal for 16+, a community website to accompany one of the television programs they broadcast. The website allows people to upload and share pictures, music and video. Belgian newspaper De Standaard described 16+ as the "Flemish YouTube". Belgian newspaper De Morgen refers to it as being an "online community".

16+ in De Standaard
© De Standaard
16+ in De Morgen
© De Morgen

Development of the website was coordinated by the Interdisciplinary institute for BroadBand Technology (IBBT), a research institute founded by the Flemish government. Next week I'll meet some of the people behind 16+ and IBBT as I committed to giving them a short Drupal presentation.

16plus screenshot
A screenshot of the 16+ website.


bertboerland (not verified):

Dries, this is great news! And while it might be smaller than Ourmedia.org, it is good to see traditional media/government institutions in Belgium use Drupal. Until now Belgium (together with The Netherlands) didn't have many large Drupal implementations in that area which is strange given the origin of Drupal.

Once again great news and please post details about this meeting if you can.

April 17, 2006
Wim Mostrey (not verified):

It looks like the VRT is not the only Belgian network that likes Drupal. The regional television station of Brussels, tvbrussel launches a simular initiative. People can post media about Brussels, be it a photoshoot, a video, text or a combination of them all, and have their entry commented on and rated.

April 21, 2006

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