Harvard using Drupal

Just when I wrote that more and more universities start to embrace Drupal, the smart people at Harvard's Science and Engineering department relaunched on Drupal. Looks sharp!
Harvard science and engineering


Khalid -- 2bits (not verified):

Harvard? Cool! OK, I retract my earlier comment. I am back with Drupal ...

October 31, 2007
AainaA (not verified):

That's awesome! I hope more NGOs would follow suite, because Drupal is zooming up fast, and Joomla should look over their shoulder.


November 04, 2007
José Renato Te… (not verified):

We'll embrace Drupal too!

Our University is placed at Brazil Curitiba city. It´s Tuiuti University of Paraná (Portuguese´s Universidade Tuiuti do Paraná). Paraná is a state of Brazil and it capital is Curitiba. The University has around 12.000 students and some colleges that we call it as Faculdade. I am linked with the Faculdade de Ciências Sociais Aplicadas and, specially, with the International Relations Course. We´ll embrace Drupal in our course and also, I think, in the Faculdade of Ciências Sociais Aplicadas.

The hard work now is the Drupal teaching and learning to our teachers, professors, researchers and students.

Good luck for us and thank you!

Professor José Renato Teixeira da Silva

April 10, 2008

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