Queen Rania using Drupal

More royal Drupal goodness. This time her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is using Drupal: see http://www.queenrania.jo. Queen Rania is well-known for talking about using social media to help change the world -- follow her on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr. You rock, Queen Rania! (Hat tip: Usamah)

Queen rania


Elijah Lynn (not verified):

Drupal is exploding! Great job bringing this all together Dries!

December 30, 2009
Rahul Bile (not verified):

you are right lynn.


December 31, 2009
Daglees (not verified):

Great news! Now Drupal will gain even more popularity here in Jordan. ;)

December 31, 2009