R.E.M. using Drupal

R.E.M is using Drupal for their new tour website at http://tour.remhq.com/. They are also using Mollom.

I don't know who built the site, but it is a good social publishing showcase. They actively encourage all R.E.M. fans to share and catalog the content they've created. They show the most recent tweets, Flickr photos, YouTube mashups, concert footage, etc. All very cool!

Rem tour


Jeroen Coumans (not verified):

Seems like the website is just a big aggregator. While it's nice that they've built it (and especially in Drupal), I wonder what the added value is?
Btw. the footer mentions that the theme is built by Neem Tree.

May 26, 2008
andy (not verified):

Good find. I'm pretty sure REM are on Warner Brothers records, longtime Drupal advocates.

BTW, I've seen no mention of this elsewhere, but this weekend I found out that the experimental record label/blog RCRD LBL (based out of New York, started by Engadget's Peter Rojas), is running Drupal.


It's the best looking Drupal site I've ever seen, and they did a great job of taking out some of the major telltale Drupal design patterns.

(I have no association with the site, just think it's a very interesting company + idea.)

May 26, 2008
ethan (not verified):

The site is a continuation of what the band did with REMdublin.com last year (also Drupal) in that they are encouraging fans to actively document the shows. The site aggregates all the documentation and segregates it by show, so people that did not go can get the experience of "being there"

Its an adjunct to the social nature of what they did with the current record with supernaturalsupersious.com (fans get 12 HD clips to make their own videos), ninetynights.com (one HD download a day to assemble your own documentary) and Murmurs.com (13 year running online community)

May 26, 2008
Blake Lucchesi (not verified):

Thanks for the mention Dries! I completed this website based on the ideas and funding from Ethan and Warner Bros. I just put together a quick case study covering the development approach and a full list of modules as well as some additional resources. Hope you guys enjoy.


May 26, 2008
matthias (not verified):

Blake, thanks for the rundown!

May 27, 2008