Industry Standard using Drupal

The Industry Standard, aka, is using Drupal. The Industry Standard features news and analysis that covers emerging technologies and companies, venture funding, acquisitions, site launches, and other developments in the internet space. This system is built as a prediction market, intersected with a reputation-based social network. The site is part of the IDG network, which includes sites like Computerworld, Infoworld,, Macworld, PC World, and more.

Like most big Drupal sites, they use CCK, Views, memcache, and a master-slave database configuration. Two noteworthy items are the fact that they use Apache Solr for search, and Mollom as their spam deterrent.

Industry standard


Wim Mostrey (not verified):

Another noteworthy item is that they do an excellent job keeping their Drupal system up to date. The site relaunched in Drupal around March and they're now running 5.11-dev.

September 09, 2008
Robert Douglass (not verified):

Oh wow, memcache and Apache Solr! I recently boosted the team of maintainers for the ApacheSolr module to 5 people and we had a big strategy meeting. You can see the awesome results in the commit log:

Getting better all the time =)

September 09, 2008
Drupal Theme Garden (not verified):

Does it mean that Drupal is the "de facto" standard :-)

September 10, 2008
benjaminr (not verified):

does anyone know how they've developed the prediction market "on top of it" or what drupal modules they are using?


March 08, 2009