State of Drupal presentation (April 2010)

Two weeks ago at DrupalCon San Francisco I gave my traditional state of Drupal presentation. A total of 6000 people watched my keynote live; 3000 were present at DrupalCon, and another 3000 watched the live video stream. Nonetheless, a lot of people asked me for my slides. So in good tradition, you can download a copy of my slides (PDF, 48 MB) or you can watch a video recording of my keynote on

Keynote backstage
Picture taken backstage while waiting to go on stage for my keynote.
Keynote view
Picture taken after my keynote just before packing up my laptop.


Chris Charlton (not verified):

I'm sure it was a very proud moment to be a part of Drupal... and to have spawned it.


- Chris Charlton (LA Drupal Manager)

May 03, 2010
LenZ (not verified):

I really enjoyed your keynote, good job!

I'm just uploading my DrupalCon pics (some of them are somewhat blurry):



May 03, 2010
rapsli (not verified):

It was pretty amazing sitting down there. Upstairs in the rooms I already thaught there were a lot of people, but then coming down to the caves... wow.

May 04, 2010
Scott L. Mitchell (not verified):

Do you have a copy of just the video stream (one that does not have the slides post-produced into the stream)?

May 07, 2010