"Ads of the World" using Drupal

Ads of the World is a great, fast growing Drupal website that I wanted to blog about for some time now. It's a community for advertising professionals, but it has lots of great stuff to like -- especially if you're a wannabe photographer like me.

The site is run by Ivan Raszl and was built with the help from the Drupal ninjas at 2bits.com.



Ivan Raszl from AotW (not verified):

Wow! What an honor to be mentioned on your blog. I'm very grateful to all Drupal developers for making such a great platform.

In my opinion the best thing about Drupal is that its hugely expandable. Gradually as the community grew I could add more and more features to the site.

For the last year the number of visitors grew 10% monthly. I especially want to thank 2bits for managing the growth for me. Right now we are looking for an even bigger dedicated server again.

February 15, 2007

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