Drupal and Alfresco

Alfresco and Optaros, in conjunction with Acquia, have made available a set of Drupal modules that integrate Drupal with Alfresco using the CMIS APIs. See the CMIS module and the CMIS Alfresco module on drupal.org.

It all started with my Amnesty blog post a year or two ago. A lot of people mailed me asking me if I could find out more about Amnesty's Drupal Alfresco integration. I've had ongoing discussions with Alfresco ever since, and Matt Asay (VP of Business Development at Alfresco) assigned Yong Qu to do the initial integration work. Optaros, who has extensive experience with both Drupal and Alfresco (they are partners with both Alfresco and Acquia), saw a similar demand in the market and joined the integration effort. They have since built on top Alfresco's initial implementation and released the two Drupal modules on drupal.org.

Jeff Pots from Optaros provides a lot of details in his blog post.

These modules mark a first step towards enterprise-grade document management support for Drupal -- something enterprise users have asked for a lot. What is also cool about this approach is that different Drupal sites can share a single repository of assets. Images and other media assets from one site could be shared with different sub-sites, for example. Futhermore, the CMIS interface, which operates independently of the Alfresco integration, enables your Drupal site to connect with different content repositories. As indicated in a previous blog post, this could be a big deal if enough vendors adopt CMIS.

It is still very early and there is plenty of work left to be done. The high level roadmap for the modules is available in the module descriptions on drupal.org. Now that the foundation of the integration is in place, the goal is to improve the work based on customer demand, and if available, with help from the community.


Adam Gregory (not verified):

Awesome. It is great to see this sort of integration and collaboration going on between two very high quality very useful systems. Keep up the good work of spreading the Drupal message and vision.

February 23, 2009
hvdgifhsh (not verified):

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April 19, 2009
Chris Fuller (not verified):

Dries - thanks for the recognition. We're definitely excited about the initial release and where we can go from here.


February 23, 2009
Chris Johnson (not verified):

I have not looked yet, but I sure hope they used the RESTful Atom Publishing Protocol, and the not hugely bloated "Web Services" (what a misnomer!) version of the API.

Otherwise, this is great.

Alfresco is probably the best open-source document management system out there. As someone who used to work in the document management system business, I'm really happy to see open source competition for the over-sized and over-priced commercial document management systems out there.

February 23, 2009
BryanSD (not verified):

This is very exciting news!

As Jeff Potts mentions on his blog the CMIS API module is also not vendor specific. So even if you're not an Alfresco fan and won't be using the CMIS-Alfresco module...you still are likely to have a vested interest in the CMIS API project.

February 23, 2009
Steve Odart (not verified):

The integration between these products is definately the way to go, and I for one truly hope that CMIS makes it into the same league as SQL - with all of the resulting benefits that brought.

May 14, 2009
PHILIPP-SCHAFFNER.CH (not verified):

Drupal-News [in German] for you from me: "DrupalWings interoperable Fl├╝gelschl├Ąge" can be found on the website of Switzerland's leading publishing and digitalprint magazine Publisher. The same news one can also find on the blooniveral blog and on blog.philipp-schaffner.ch.

June 04, 2009

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