using Drupal

While in France for the redesign code sprint in Paris, it was pointed out by a number of people that, the French version of the popular culture magazine Slate, is using Drupal. Slate is owned by the The Washington Post Company.

Slate fr


nirad (not verified):

I believe "The Root" also runs on Drupal.

February 11, 2009
S Ottenhoff (not verified):

Also, Magnum Photos builds the Today's Pictures section of using a custom Drupal back end. jQuery sortables allow re-ordering of the photos and edit-in-place allows caption editing. Then static HTML is produced via XSL transformations (Saxon) and uploaded to All powered by Drupal!

February 11, 2009
greg (not verified):

Hello, I'm the CTO for

First of all, many thanks, mr Buytaert, for this wonderful tool named Drupal.

And yes, we're using Drupal, and we are really glad to have made this choice. As far as I know, "the root" is using it too.

I work with a guy named Arnaud, an expert in Drupal technology, I have to say that if, technically, is online today, it's thanks to him, and another good buddy named Guillaume.

It's too early to tell more about the project, as we're working hard to achieve the launching.

More to come ... See ya !!!

February 12, 2009
Steve (not verified):

"The Big Money" is also a Slate property and runs on Drupal. In fact, it was the first Slate property to run Drupal.

January 05, 2010