We both know that the most important impression you need to make is your first one. So after more than two years, Drupal has a new default theme. Better yet, we added a color picker that allows administrators to change the theme's color scheme without having to touch a single line of HTML/CSS.

The new default core theme that will ship with Drupal 5.0. The new theme is called Garland and was created by Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens. The screenshot shows you the new theme as well as the color picker to alter the color scheme.

So not only brings this new default core theme raw beauty, it is actually the easiest to customize Drupal theme in existence. Great job guys! Bling, bling!


Dublin Drupaller (not verified):

Looks great Dries. Inspired idea to have the colour scheme built in. Compliments to Stefan Nagtegaal and Steven Wittens -- the developers.

October 29, 2006
Robert Douglass (not verified):

Congrats to Drupal and the developers who worked on this. Picking the new default theme was no easy task, and lots of hard work was done by many people to make it happen. Thanks to everyone who submitted candidates that weren't chosen in the end. Those themes will also be valued and enjoyed during Drupal 5.0's lifetime.

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October 29, 2006
Rob Morgan (not verified):

Defiantly looks nice. Dugg for Looks.

October 30, 2006
Hanief (not verified):

Cool! I'm waiting for Drupal 5.0 to come out! :)

October 30, 2006
Joe Lombardo (not verified):

Holy smokes, that looks beautiful!

I love the cool color picker too. :-) It will be fun to play with!

October 30, 2006
Dave (not verified):

Looks like a positive step in the right direction.

Keep up the good work guys!

October 30, 2006
Anonymous (not verified):


October 30, 2006
Anonymous (not verified):

Nice, something I always disliked about Drupal years ago was lack of themes, that seems to have been solved now, and this seems like a great progression for a default theme; great layout, easily customized. While I've run websites for years I'm by no means a web designer, this bridges the gap.

Now someone should port it to Wordpress to help make it more of a standard.

October 30, 2006
Anonymous (not verified):

Still not as good as Joomla themes. Getting there though.

October 30, 2006
Walt Esquivel (not verified):

This is a fantastic alternative to messing with CSS!

Congrats and thank you so much!

October 30, 2006
Anonymous (not verified):

Cool. I'd been thinking lately that some sort of CSS interface was needed. I look forward to 5.0!

November 04, 2006
Howard (not verified):

HI ...

Garland is lovely! Is it available as a Joomla theme...? Can they be interposed?

Regards - H

March 24, 2008
Anup (not verified):

Great theme. Likely the only one that works with all modules. If possible, I would like to be able to choose nmber of columns, the same way chosing colors.


June 25, 2008
yrestonil (not verified):

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January 16, 2009
Droopal (not verified):

Is Garland going to be the default theme for Drupal 7 as well?

Garland is pretty, but we would really love something more easily customizable.

October 09, 2009

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