Half a billion spam attempts blocked

We've just reached another huge milestones at Mollom: we blocked our 500,000,000th spam message!

Furthermore, Mollom is currently protecting close to 50,000 active websites, that is a 75% increase since the beginning of the year 8 months ago.

It's sad that our websites get bombarded by idiots. But the fact that Mollom blocked half a billion of their attempts, actually makes me feel a lot better!

Statistics august
Screenshot of the scorecard section on Molom.com.


Donnie Berkholz (not verified):

Out of curiosity, what's the false positive rate?

August 08, 2011

I don't have the exact number but the false positive rate is very low. I'll see if we can rapport that number a bit better.

Also keep in mind that you can configure Mollom to never block spam. In that scenario, all spam is put into a moderation queue and no one is incorrectly blocked. No legit submissions are lost.

August 09, 2011
Dave (not verified):

That is awesome news -- and a very impressive number.

Have you been able to generate a list of top offender IPs or sources to help stop the flow at a top level with larger IP blocks?

August 08, 2011

Yes, we track the reputation of millions of IP addresses.

August 08, 2011
Thomas Svenson (not verified):

Is it only the IP address you base if a user is a spammer or not?

Reason I am asking is that recently I had problems with that my comments got blocked hard, wouldn't even get a CAPTCHA. When sun helped sort that out, he said the reason was that that my IP# was classified as being used by a big time spammer.

Since I have ADSL, its likely that I inherited this spammers reputation. Therefore it would be interesting to know if anything else, such as the email addresses and the IP# history for them are used are also a factor for the classification.

August 09, 2011
S1L (not verified):

Good stuff!
Thanks for catching a total of 36,559 spam comments for me in the last 100 days!

August 09, 2011
parasolx (not verified):

Our users and visitor really hate our site when they need to fill out the captcha when post any comments. It seems like we do not trust our members.

But with Mollom, right now I never worries about spam anymore. No more captcha but only a valid comment post at our site and my blogs.


August 09, 2011