AOL using Drupal

Aol corporate

We already knew that AOL was using Drupal for their AOL Developer Network at Turns out that AOL also started using Drupal for their corporate information website at Is AOL falling in love with Drupal?


a. drupal them… (not verified):

Wow I love the theme, it's simple but really nice.
Their Drupal site is really fast as well, even the search seems to respond in under 1sec.

February 04, 2008
blair (not verified):

Great stuff. It is fantastic to see these big corporations using Drupal/Open Source. And yeah, the theme is nice.

February 05, 2008
Joao Ventura (not verified):


As the print module maintainer I can only say:

  1. Good for them that they use Drupal and the print module!
  2. Upgrade! Whatever version you are using, I have made so many bugfixes since then ... :)
February 07, 2008
Capisco (not verified):

As for Georgia, where I live, after this news more and more people think about moving to Drupal as their main CMS for web site development.

Good Luck!

February 07, 2008
theBorg (not verified):

Nice site! It looks like they are using übercart also.

February 07, 2008
Ryan (not verified):

You know, I checked this site out when you first posted it, but I somehow missed the fact that they're using Ubercart to distribute downloadable versions of their logos for press use. They only require an e-mail address to "checkout" and then provide zips w/ the license and image files. Very innovative use of Ubercart, and we're stoked that they're doing it. To see it in action, you can view the Media Gallery there.

February 08, 2008
Frank Stovicek (not verified):

I was the developer that built this site under contract with Mediabarn, Inc in Virginia, USA. Mediabarn designers created the graphics and I worked with a real top-notch front-end developer who translated it to HTML/CSS. I then "Drupalized" it to build out their theme. And yes it was with originally with Ubercart but I think they've since stopped using that piece of it.

I also developed a couple of internal sites for them through Mediabarn on Drupal - including their global intranet news site. They aren't publicly accessibly, however.

Out of all of this, I'd say having a decision maker inside AOL that was a Drupal fan was the best start. Having a great company like Mediabarn manage the project was even better. My own fondness for Drupal certainly helped on the finishing end because I didn't want Drupal to look bad.

All in all, I think everyone involved felt the effort was a success.

January 15, 2009
tcconway (not verified):

Thanks everyone for the great kudos on this site. (I'm the 'decision maker inside AOL' that Frank mentioned, as well as the visual and architectual designer for the site.)

We recently upgraded to 6.x and are in the process of using i18n along with several custom-built modules to deploy this to,,, and All in all, working with Drupal is great. There is always a module that will do just what we want, and if there isn't it's a snap to work within Drupal's API.


February 12, 2009
Frank Stovicek (not verified):

TC! Kudos to you for choosing open source! :)

February 17, 2009