French government portal using Drupal

After the French Ministry for Health, Youth and Sport using Drupal started using, the French government switched its official government portal to Drupal! Check it out at Impressionnant!

The site was built by the French Government Multimedia Team and Adyax Experts (an Acquia partner). About 10 persons worked on it for several months. Most of the work was spent on building custom migration tools to switch from SPIP Agora to Drupal.

French government portal


Bart Van Herreweghe (not verified):

Congratulations to the French Goverment!
Toutes mes félicitations!
Bart Van Herreweghe
Belgian Federal Goverment (

June 05, 2009
Laurent Poinsignon (not verified):

Thanks for the link and encouragements. Sorry it's currently French only. English and German versions coming soon.

Laurent Poinsignon (Service d'information du Gouvernement)

June 05, 2009
Anonymous (not verified):

Beau travail,

Quand pensez vous mettre les modules de migration à la disposition de la communauté drupal ?

June 05, 2009
Haza (not verified):

To "Anonymous": it's _extremely_ specific to our needs, so it won't be usable if we release it :(

btw, thanks for the post Dries \o/

Nicolas Meyer

June 05, 2009
Anonymous (not verified):

Your may contribute back to

Spip is very much in use in the French websites NGO and public bodies.

I really think you could ask the French community to organise a sprint to have your specific devllopement package. It would make a huge impact in France and cost far less to the French gouvernement.

June 07, 2009

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