Australian Broadcasting Corporation using Drupal

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) started using Drupal for a number of properties like ABC Digital Music, ABC Country and ABC Jazz.

The ABC is Australia's national broadcaster, a public owned enterprise funded by the Australian government that has been around for 80 years.

It's really great to see the Drupal market in Australia breaking open! One day I should make it to Australia too. ;-)

Abc digital music


Ben (not verified):

So is one of Australia's top photographers!

I have a feeling that Drupal will do well down here.

You should visit Sydney one day! The fish markets (second largest in the world) are just down the road from the ABC offices. And a stone's throw from Bondi beach.

July 10, 2009
David Peterson (not verified):

Yes, the uptake of Drupal within Australia is definitely picking up. I worked on this great project with the ABC team and there is *a lot* of excitement about what else can be done with Drupal.

Thanks Dries for blogging this.

Yes, you definitely need to come visit us down under. I could take you around to some of the great things in the North: rainforests, the Outback, kangaroos and diving one of the top spots in the world :) So what are you waiting for?



July 10, 2009
Jan (not verified):

And the Education sector is using it too.

I've just migrated The Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework) to Drupal.

The Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework) is the e-learning strategy for the vocational education and training (VET) sector. It provides the VET system with the essential e-learning infrastructure and expertise needed to respond to the challenges of a modern economy and the training needs of Australian businesses and workers.

The Framework was launched as a strategy in 2000, responding to information and communication technology (ICT) developments in workplaces and society. The Australian Government and all states and territories agreed to work together nationally to advance the use of e-learning in VET.

The 2009 Framework corporate brochure, E-learning in action [2MB, PDF] demonstrates the depth of e-learning in VET by focusing on innovative e-learning case studies and profiling specific e-learning products, resources and support networks.

The Framework is the key strategy of the Flexible Learning Advisory Group (FLAG).


July 10, 2009
Alex Bergin (not verified):

The ABC sites using Drupal look fantastic, nice work David.

Just to add to the list of Australian companies using Drupal, one of Australia's most popular political magazines: The Monthly and top publishers: Black Inc. Books too. Cheers!

July 12, 2009
igloo (not verified):

We are a Melbourne based digital agency that has also recently made the switch to using Drupal, as opposed to custom built CMS solutions.

Some of our recent clients include:
Crown Casino -
Live at the Chapel -
Jono and Dano -

Moving forward we would have no hesitation in using Drupal for any of our clients no matter how big or small. Hopefully Dries will be blogging about our next project :)

July 12, 2009
John Jacobs (not verified):

Hi Dries,
At ABC Pool we were very exited to see DIG launch. Part of Pool's mission is to demonstrate to the rest of the ABC what great outcomes can be had from open source platforms like Drupal. The next level will be reached when the API's really open up and the community starts jamming code with public media.
Cheers John

John Jacobs
Pool user experience and Community contact

July 12, 2009
Luke Hodge (not verified):

The University of Melbourne is also using Drupal for its media sites:

There is a very strong and growing Drupal Community in Melbourne.


July 12, 2009
Jeremy Epstein (not verified):

Wow - fanspankintastic to see this site launched! I know some of the people that were involved in the project, and congrats to everyone on doing such a great job.

The ABC is quickly becoming one of the biggest users and supporters of Drupal in Australia. Last year, they launched Pool, which is taking off as a community collaboration space. ABC also hosts the monthly Sydney Drupal meetup in their Ultimo offices.

Yes, Dries, you should definitely come to Australia!! You can even stop by on your way to… err… Antarctica? :)

I'm currently working at Digital Eskimo, which manages a number of Aussie Drupal sites, including live local (which we launched earlier this year), and newmatilda (which we re-designed last year). Stay tuned for more Drupal showcase sites from us soon.

July 13, 2009
Jeremy Visser (not verified):

Also, the recently re-launched Prime Minister of Australia website at is running on Drupal. Very nicely done.

July 17, 2009
Andrew (not verified):

Great to see the new ABC sites launched. It certainly seems to be a growing trend here with a plethora of both commercial and government sites moving to Drupal.

I think there's also a definite interest in any potential upcoming visit.

July 17, 2009
Phigit (not verified):

Drupal is definitely powering along and picking up momentum in Australia. We are a digital marketing firm in Melbourne and we are more frequently referring clients to Drupal and Joomla rather than proprietary CMS systems.

July 19, 2009
Captovate (not verified):

We recently designed and developed a website for a local radio station in Darwin, Australia - built with Drupal. TerritoryFM and they love it!

We would love to host a Drupal Conference in Darwin.


March 20, 2010
Patricia Clausnitzer (not verified):

Also, I'm proud to add the recently launched New South Wales state government site was built using Drupal

Regards, Patricia Clausnitzer

April 11, 2010
Joe Matthew (not verified):

Here are the ones we made in Drupal for:

Australian Red Cross ( The features include an audio contribution and a voting system by members.

Queensland Health (

May 22, 2010
Peter (not verified):


yes David is correct the uptake of people using Drupal in Australia (Particularly Sydney) is climbing rapidly. We have commissioned a number of new Drupal sites that are due for release very soon.

Once they are available I would like to post the here for review.

October 26, 2011