LAMP stack Halloween cake

Barry Jaspan and his wife Heather spent 20 hours creating this incredible cake for Acquia's Halloween party. Creative duo! Not only did it look great, it was yummy. Trick or treat!



Yannick Warnier (not verified):

Can't find the elePHPant :-)

October 31, 2010
Rinto George (not verified):

Very nice :) Mind blowing

November 01, 2010
Amy Francis (not verified):

Very cute... and yes, it looks yummy!!! I want to take a big bite out of that Drupal blue head!!!

November 01, 2010
Barry Jaspan (not verified):

For those who don't get it: The Druplicon is going trick-or-treating, dressed as Linux, Apache, and MySQL.

Yeah, the dolphin didn't come out as well as the others. What can we say, we're amateurs. :-)

November 01, 2010

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