CNN using Drupal

Cable news network CNN just released into beta, fully developed with Drupal. CNNgo is a guide to six of Asia's greatest cities. What is interesting about the site is that they are looking to complement their professional editors with local bloggers, opinion makers, and the very people that form the soul of these cities.

As a traditional publisher, you have to figure out how to turn audiences into participants because it opens the doors for better advertising and new monetization opportunities. I think is a great example of how companies like CNN can use the power of Drupal to implement a social media strategy through an add-on site.



Christian Daems (not verified):

Who was the integrator/web agency? Or did CNN do it themselves?


October 09, 2009
dave (not verified):

that is an incredible site - both functionality and design - and an awesome example of just how flexible theming can get replete with tight registration processes that anchor to a larger network of sites that are *not* all drupal...

i'd love to see these folks do a case study to explain how they mixed an existing set of modules with a core install and custom design to get this done...

October 09, 2009
peach - all dr… (not verified):

Nice design and very good demonstration of Drupal.

But I think they need to call khaled because I was getting very slow response times earlier ;)

October 09, 2009