Vancouver night skiing

Night skiing
After day 2 of the Open Source CMS Summit, some of us went night skiing on Cypress Moutain, located only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver (Canada). From the downhill runs, you have a spectacular view on the city.


Andre Charland (not verified):

Hey Dries. Great talk on the Drupal roadmap. User experience is king!

Sorry I missed you on the slopes!

February 10, 2006
Andy Georges (not verified):

Yeah, yeah, rub it in. We, who hold the fortress back in rainy Belgium are not jealous at all, oh no. That said, it looks awesome! I Hope the skiing was as good as the view.

February 10, 2006
PJay (not verified):

Can you actually ski / snowboard there at night? Or is this a promo-picture only ?

OMG I'm jealous.

Maybe I should find out what an open source CMS is and create one myself too. I so want to be skiing there.

February 14, 2006

PJay: we spent 2-3 hours skiing that night. I took that picture myself.

February 14, 2006