Duke using Drupal

Earlier this afternoon, I blogged about Stanford using Drupal. Well, if Stanford isn't enough for you, check out the main page for Duke University, recently redesigned using Drupal.

Most universities have had dozens of Drupal sites at the departmental level for some time now, but now it seems like Drupal is starting to graduate from the departmental level to the main site. Last week, I already blogged about how Rutgers University started using Drupal for their main site. More evidence that Drupal is starting to become a serious contender in the enterprise, and that more and more organizations are starting to standardize on Drupal.

It is great to see corporations, universities and governments endorse and adopt Drupal on a global scale!



Alex Dergachev (not verified):

On the subject of education, this weekend's Drupalcamp Montreal (hosted at McGill University, currently in the process of switching to Drupal) will have a dedicated education track.


October 15, 2009
Antony Marsh (not verified):

We don't compete with the likes of Stanford and Rutgers, but as a medium sized Australian university Victoria University made the switch to Drupal for our main visitor site in February this year. We are now in the process of (slowly) consolidating faculty, institute and school/department subdomains onto our central site. http://www.vu.edu.au

October 26, 2009

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