Sanyo using Drupal

Sanyo, the Fortune 500 electronics company, used Drupal to build a nice product catalog website at The site went live earlier this week and features 250 products in 30 categories with over one GB of PDF files. More functionality is being added iteratively.

Sanyo australia

It sounds like they would be an ideal candidate for Acquia's upcoming hosted search service which will be able to search PDF documents as well as regular Drupal content. According to Luke Schreur from Tequila Digital Australia, the company responsible for the implementation, CCK was the most important module for this project. Luke said that they are already deploying Drupal for other clients and that more programmers at Tequila Digital are getting into Drupal. Great!


XYZ (not verified):

Very nice and straight forward.

I wonder how the product images were able to be displayed that way?


When you click on the thumbnail you get the big image above it.

Also, could you explain how the product information layout is controlled?



December 09, 2008

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