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I just got back from DrupalCon Hungary. About 100 people showed up to attend the conference. Little did I know that the Hungarian Drupal community was that big and active. Much kudos to the organizers, the sponsors and the people that are part of the Hungarian Drupal community. Keep up the great work! Can't wait to attend the next Hungarian Drupal conference.

Ted and Madonna

Ted and Madonna
Ted Serbinski taking a picture of the famous Madonna and Child by Michelangelo. He confessed his Drupal sins and then we went for ice cream.

Bootlegging DrupalCon Brussels

In 2004, the Beastie Boys gave 50 video cameras to fans and asked them to record the same concert. Then the 100-plus hours of footage was edited into one film. Brilliant.

So ... we'll try do the exact same at DrupalCon Brussels. The upcoming conference holds the unique opportunity to capture a lot of sessions on video and Norbert Fuerst has offered his services to do post production on all footage through his video production company.

Drupalcon brussels bootleg
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Norbert explains:

I will take the responsibility to get the best out of your tapes, and I ask you to bring your DV video camera to DrupalCon Brussels. There is no need to be afraid about shooting video even if you're not that experienced -- just a few rules I'll tell in advance and we're set up. If you have tripod, bring it. I really hope we'll get (at least) two cameras per session, and the sooner we known who's going to shoot, the better we can set up positions and procedures.

I did only a rough calculation, but it seems DrupalCon Brussels will offer some 48 hours of content and there is no way to attend more than one third of the sessions. Hence covering as much as possible of this event on video should not only help the ones staying at home but also those who attend different sessions. It should also make a good library for those who'll join Drupal in future -- 48 hours of video isn't exactly nothing, but with some proper compression this should fit in 15 GB of server space or on 24 DVDs ...

In other words: bring your camera, a tripod, and a lot of tape. We'll label all the tapes and ship them to Norbert in sealed plastic bags. We need at least 6 persons (but preferably more) with a camera to cover the entire event. Oh, and I'll try to provide special t-shirts for the camera crew.

DrupalCon Hungary

Just to add to the craziness: the weekend after DrupalCon Brussels, I'll be in Budapest to attend the first Hungarian Drupal conference. The conference takes place on the 30th of September, and brings together the key players of the Hungarian Drupal scene. All presentations are in Hungarian, except mine. (The one Hungarian word I know is "gulyás"; it makes for a good dinner but not exactly for a great presentation.) Registration is required prior to attendence, so sign up at the DrupalCon Hungary website.

30 days to Drupal festivities

In exactly 30 days we'll kick off DrupalCon Brussels. DrupalCon will host over 30 talks and tutorials by outstanding members of the Drupal community. It is a service for the Drupal community, by the Drupal community, and is open for everyone to join.

Drupalcon brussels timeline

Furthermore, I'm speaking at EuroOSCON, we'll have a Drupal booth at EuroOSCON (we're an exhibitor taking part in their "Dot Org Day") and many of us will camp out at GovCamp Brussels and BarCamp Brussels.

If you want to join us, make sure to register for each of these events.

DrupalCon Brussels

Good news! The next Drupal conference (DrupalCon) will take place on September 22nd to 23rd in Brussels (Belgium), alongside Euro OSCON 2006, GovCamp 2006 and BarCamp Brussels. We setup a conference website at http://drupalcon.org/.

Now the dates are set and the venue is confirmed, we're ready to accept presentation proposals and registrations (and looking for additional sponsors).

Whether you are a Drupal professional or an enthusiastic user coming to find out more, we encourage you to join us in Brussels, and to rock out with the smartest Drupal developers, the best Drupal evangelists and top-notch Drupal consultants.

If you want to capture and absorb the passion and enthusiasm behind the Drupal project, this is the place to be. Ideas will fly back and forth. Knowledge will be shared. The Drupal Kool-Aid will be passed around, and the secret Drupal handshake will be taught.

Open Source CMS Summit 2006 photos

I just processed and uploaded a number of photos that I shot at the Open Source CMS Summit, MooseCamp and Northern Voice. Take a look at the photo gallery to get to know some of the faces behind Drupal.

Boris mann
Boris Mann, co-founder of Bryght and co-organizer of the Open Source CMS Summit, MooseCamp and Northern Voice.
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