Serre (not verified):

Did you plug it?

November 24, 2006
Roland (not verified):

Wonderfull colours! Checking your blog from time to time ... love your pix! Congratulations.

November 26, 2006
esquillo (not verified):

Your pictures are great, full of color!


November 27, 2006
David Gratton (not verified):

I love your pics. You really can capture color. With everyone owning a professional camera these days and so many uninteresting photos being taken, it's refreshing and revealing to be reminded that art has very little to do with equipment.

Very nice.

November 27, 2006
Sarah (not verified):

I love this one – it's so beautiful and somehow haunting.

I wish you used Flickr so I could favorite it. :)

November 29, 2006
Seo (not verified):

Winds and focus.... really good!!

January 01, 2007
Esquillo (not verified):

Great shot and focus!

March 09, 2007