My week in review: week #1

Every week, people ask me what exactly I do and how I balance my time. As such, I've decided to keep track of my work related activities and to record the time that I spent on them. The next four weeks, I'll try to post a weekly summary of my work week (e.g. Monday - Friday).

Activity Organization Hours Comments
Business development Acquia 2 Meetings with (potential) Acquia partners
E-mail Acquia 4
Human resources Acquia 1.5 Career guiding, interviewing potential hires
Management meetings Acquia 5 Strategic planning/brainstorming/review meetings with sales, marketing, engineering, etc
Product / engineering management Acquia 4.5 Roadmap planning for Drupal Gardens, Acquia Cloud, Acquia Network and Drupal Commons
Research Acquia 2
Sales meetings Acquia 2 Meetings with (potential) Acquia customers
Transportation Acquia 6.5 Driving to work and driving to meetings
Investor relations Acquia 0.5 Communicating with investors
Writing code Acquia 0
Attending conferences Drupal 6 Gave one keynote at Harvard Club and one presentation at the IBM Innovation Center for IEEE/ACM
Blogging Drupal 2 Processed my DrupalCon pictures and wrote 3 short blog posts
Drupal 8 initiatives Drupal 3.5 Talked to potential initiative owners and read up on proposals
Drupal Association Drupal 4 Drupal Association board meeting, phone calls with other Board Members, and working with Executive Director in preparation of the board meeting
E-mail Drupal 7.5
Preparing presentation slides Drupal 3 Gave 2 presentations that required preparation
Radio interview Drupal 1 Interview with Federal News Radio to talk about Drupal in government
Reviewing Drupal core patches Drupal 0.5
Transportation Drupal 1.5
Writing code Drupal 0
E-mail Mollom 1
Management meetings Mollom 1 Weekly planning/review meeting
Product / engineering management Mollom 6 Reviewed the results of the last engineering sprint, and coordinated the next engineering sprint
Writing code Mollom 0

This week may have been slightly more busy than normal. Also, most weeks I spent more time reviewing Drupal patches -- this week most of that time went into starting up the Drupal 8 initiatives and catching up with things after DrupalCon. Other than that, this was a pretty common week.


Bryan Williams (not verified):

Looks something like my own week, except I got 30 minutes to talk with my wife. ;-)

March 19, 2011
Philip Paeps (not verified):

Writing code: 0 ... three times.

What fun.

March 19, 2011

I still really like to write code -- that is where the weekends are for, I guess. I spent most of last night (Saturday evening) reviewing patches to catch up with the Drupal 8 issue queue. It is still not writing code but at least I've been reading code and tickling Git.

March 20, 2011
Sergey Demidenko (not verified):

65 hour week if anyone is curious.

March 19, 2011

I didn't do the math but that sounds right. I usually work 13 hours per day, which adds up to 65 hours per week.

March 20, 2011
Larry Garfield (not verified):

Eliminate all that driving time and you've got a whole other day in which to code! :-)

March 20, 2011
Tom Tran (not verified):

Thanks for sharing Dries, looks like an impressive workaholic passion driven work schedule.

How do you handle all the different projects and how strictly do you stick to the planned hours?

Sales meetings Acquia 2 Meetings with (potential) Acquia customers

Investor relations Acquia 0.5 Communicating with investors

Those customer-related tasks mostly end up killing much more of my time than expected.

March 20, 2011
Oriol (not verified):

13h working + 7h sleeping => Only 4h for photography, family, sport, movies, theater... ;(

March 21, 2011

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