Microsoft and Drupal

Last week at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON), Microsoft and SpikeSource announced their intention to work together to certify a number of Open Source projects on the Microsoft Windows platform. According to the press release, Drupal is the first application that has been tested and certified for Microsoft Windows ...

Because I didn't know this partnership was in the works, and because it's not clear what this really means, I figured I'd let the story develop for a couple of days. It has since been picked up on a number of blogs and news sites, and I got a couple of inquiries about it as well. I guess now is a good time to share what I think about it.

First, Microsoft's willingness to work with Open Source applications to ensure that they work on Microsoft Windows Server with MSSQL and Active Directory support is great –- it helps us bring Open Source software to the corporate world. Microsoft's announcement brings credibility to Open Source software and validates Drupal as one of the leading Open Source CMS applications. That is a good thing.

Second, I've never been close to either SpikeSource or Microsoft's business but hopefully it won't stop with an announcement. It remains to be seen whether they live up their marketing drum. With the help of Larry Garfield we already started planning a redesign of Drupal's database abstraction layer. I'm curious to see if they'll contribute to that, and if they will help us add and maintain MSSQL support in future versions of Drupal core. In the Open Source world, contributions speak louder than press releases.

Spikesource selling Drupal

It is both surreal and rewarding to stumble upon an exhibitor that sells "your stuff" on a conference you are attending. Interesting TCO calculator too ...

30 days to Drupal festivities

In exactly 30 days we'll kick off DrupalCon Brussels. DrupalCon will host over 30 talks and tutorials by outstanding members of the Drupal community. It is a service for the Drupal community, by the Drupal community, and is open for everyone to join.

Drupalcon brussels timeline

Furthermore, I'm speaking at EuroOSCON, we'll have a Drupal booth at EuroOSCON (we're an exhibitor taking part in their "Dot Org Day") and many of us will camp out at GovCamp Brussels and BarCamp Brussels.

If you want to join us, make sure to register for each of these events.

DrupalCon Brussels

Good news! The next Drupal conference (DrupalCon) will take place on September 22nd to 23rd in Brussels (Belgium), alongside Euro OSCON 2006, GovCamp 2006 and BarCamp Brussels. We setup a conference website at

Now the dates are set and the venue is confirmed, we're ready to accept presentation proposals and registrations (and looking for additional sponsors).

Whether you are a Drupal professional or an enthusiastic user coming to find out more, we encourage you to join us in Brussels, and to rock out with the smartest Drupal developers, the best Drupal evangelists and top-notch Drupal consultants.

If you want to capture and absorb the passion and enthusiasm behind the Drupal project, this is the place to be. Ideas will fly back and forth. Knowledge will be shared. The Drupal Kool-Aid will be passed around, and the secret Drupal handshake will be taught.

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