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Just married

Congratulations Jeroen and Katya! Loved this song at the wedding party:

Ben and Ione

Ben and Ione

We had a fun and jam-packed Fourth of July weekend with Ben and Ione. They are some of our best friends from Belgium, and they'll be living in Boston for two months. Should be a lot of fun. Ben and I go back a long time; among other things we started Mollom together.

Just married

Walking to the altar
Hans and Evelien, some of my best friends, got married yesterday. More pictures are available in my photo gallery. Congratulations!

Just married

Stefaan and Anneleen

Stefaan and Anneleen, some of our best friends, got married yesterday.

I went straight from the Drupal festivities at the MIT in Boston to their wedding in Belgium. My flight from Boston to New York (JFK) got canceled, so I had to fly to New Jersey (La Guardia) instead and race through New York in a yellow cab. Due to traffic, I missed my connecting flight that would take me from New York to Brussels (BRU) so I had to make an extra stop in London (LHR) and take in a 6 hour delay before making it to Brussels. I missed most of their day but still made it to the evening party.

It took a lot of pain to make this picture but I'm happy it came out great. More pictures are available in the wedding album. Needless to say, today was a slow day. ;-)

Yes, of course my luggage got lost in all the action ...

Twenty nine

Yesterday I turned 29. One friend told me that, now I am 29, I only have one year left to make it in life. Another friend told me that, now that I'm getting closer to 30, people will finally start to take me serious. I guess their advice adds up.


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