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Wanted: Drupal support engineer

One of the things we're building at Acquia is a Drupal technical support center where customers can call for help with Drupal questions. We're busy setting up a phone system, a bug tracker, a customer tracking application, a knowledge base and more. We already have some great technical support people on board, but we're looking for more Drupal talent to staff our support center.

Specifically, we're looking for people that have the rare combination of mad Drupal skills (both Drupal configuration and Drupal development), a diagnostic mind, and what we call, the support DNA. Do you have what it takes and do you want to learn how to build a support center from scratch? Apply here.

Or be the first to refer someone who makes the cut, and we'll gladly mail you a check for $1,000 USD to $2,500 USD depending on the situation. See our technical support job page for details on our bounty program.


Last week was crazy. Six airplanes, three time zones, four different hotels, two rental cars, an Acquia Board meeting, two nights in a tent and ultimately, my mind blown at FooCamp.


Off to a meeting in a tiny little airplane. In line behind the big guys. Taken with my iPhone.

FooCamp is the annual invitation-only conference organized by Tim O'Reilly. It is the mother of BarCamp, if you will. The people you get to meet at FooCamp are impressive, and the format (including the nightly campfires) really sets people up to talk, brainstorm and geek out. The result? A fire hose of new ideas and a lot of new friends. Thanks Tim!


Joi Ito took <a href="">this picture of me</a> so I had to take one of him. Joi is CEO of Creative Commons, and is (or was) on the board of Technorati, ICANN, Mozilla Foundation, the Open Source Initiative (OSI) and much more. He is also an early stage investor in Six Apart, Technorati, Flickr, SocialText, Dopplr,, and other internet companies.

Just like last year, I was pleasantly surprised by how many of the Foos are using Drupal, planning to use Drupal, or even evangelizing Drupal. More good stuff comin'!

More photos in my FooCamp gallery.

Drupal download statistics

Each year around this time, I share the download statistics for Drupal core (see also: 2006 statistics and 2007 statistics). In other words, time for this year's update.

Absolute download statistics
Relative download statistics

The last 12 months, from July 2007 to June 2008, Drupal core was downloaded more than 1.4 million times. The year before, from July 2006 to June 2007, Drupal core was downloaded 620,000 times. The number of downloads doubled in one year's time! And while Drupal 5 continues to be popular, the Drupal 6 core download is already a lot more popular.

These numbers do no include betas, release candidates or CVS checkouts. Also, we can't track downloads from mirrors, such as various Linux distributions, nor can we track installations through control panel software for hosting like cPanel or Plesk. Contributed themes or modules are not included in these numbers: we only looked at Drupal core.

Mollom volume segmentation

When people sign up to protect their website against spam with Mollom, they are asked to categorize each of their sites. So far, almost 2,000 Drupal sites have been categorized. The available categories are: a company website (22%), a site built for a customer (7%), a non-profit website (27%) or a personal website (44%).

Volume segmentation

Based on a sample of roughly 2,000 Drupal sites that use Mollom.

It is only one data point and a relatively small sample so I don't know if it is safe to generalize, but I figured it was an interesting nugget that could help us understand Drupal's install base.

Metallica using Drupal

Wim blogged about it already, Bert encouraged me to blog about it (sort of), and yesterday at Foo Camp, security researcher Dan Kaminsky reminded me to blog about it: Warner Bros is using Drupal for Mission Metallica, Metallica's newest album. Rock!


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