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Joëlle Milquet using Drupal

After Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme, Deputy Prime Minister Joëlle Milquet also started using Drupal. Check it out at More information in this IT Professionals article (Dutch).
Joelle milquet


I'm in San Francisco this week to sing the Drupal gospel at the Gilbane conference. I take part in a panel discussion called Social Technologies for Ad Hoc Information Sharing. Also on the panel will be John Newton, co-founder and CTO of Alfresco, and Michael Wechner, president of Wyona.

Tomorrow evening, Chris Messina is organizing a Drupal and DiSo dinner to talk more about DiSo, a collection of tools to enable distributed social networking applications. Feel free to join us!

More details in the video blog below:

RTBF using Drupal

RTBF, the national broadcasting organization of the French-speaking part of Belgium, switched to Drupal. See Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the design but it must be one of the biggest Drupal deployments in Belgium. The site was built by One Agency. (Hat tip: Kristof De Jaeger.)


Universal Music using Drupal

Daniel Kruchkow, Senior Vice President Global Digital Initiatives at Universal Music Group, let me know that the Universal Music website,, switched to Drupal a few months ago.

To quote Daniel: "We're more than happy with it and are looking forward to expanding our content and feature sets as time goes on. Our users love it."

Universal music

Many universities use Drupal

More and more universities start to embrace Drupal by moving departmental sites to Drupal. It is an emerging trend, and one that bodes well for Drupal. A lot of students are being introduced to Drupal this way.

Also, having worked at a university myself, I can say that universities are complex enterprises that often employ thousands of people. To me, these are important signs that Drupal is gaining momentum in the enterprise.

Paul Albert of Cornell University shared a great presentation that compares Drupal to Fatwire (a proprietary, enterprise WCMS), and that provides an excellent overview of how other universities are using Drupal.

If you want to bring Drupal into your enterprise, you should watch the video of Paul's presentation below. Highly recommended!


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