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Metallica using Drupal

Wim blogged about it already, Bert encouraged me to blog about it (sort of), and yesterday at Foo Camp, security researcher Dan Kaminsky reminded me to blog about it: Warner Bros is using Drupal for Mission Metallica, Metallica's newest album. Rock!

Adobe using Drupal for

Adobe just relaunched as a Drupal site. The backend of the Flex powered showcase site,, is also using Drupal: it communicates with the Flex front-end using the Services and the AMFPHP modules. More information available on the Adobe Flex Team blog. They are using Mollom too.

Jeff Whatcott on Acquia

John Eckman of Optaros sat down with Jeff Whatcott, Acquia's Chief Communicator, to talk about Drupal and Acquia. Rock on, Jeff.

If you can't see the video above, you can view it directly at

Usability, usability, and usability

The Interaction Design and Information Architecture program at the University of Baltimore and a team of eight graduate students have completed a usability study on Drupal. The result is a great report (PDF) and an incredibly valuable video which they shared on It is too important not to share, so the video is also embedded below.

The results are consistent with the results from usability tests done at the University of Minnesota.

The results can't be ignored.

I printed the report, taped it on my wall, and I won't release Drupal 7 until I crossed of at least 90% of the problems they identified.

Jabber using Drupal

I've been meaning to blog about this for months. So in case you haven't noticed yet, our friends at Jabber are using Drupal for They are also using Mollom to protect their website against spam.

I still want my Drupal to talk to my Jabber. Think "Drupal → Mollom → Jabber/XMPP → instant messaging client" to get notifications about new comments or other important events, for a example. Lots of other XMPP-Drupal opportunities as well ...



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