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Telenet using Drupal for knowledge base

Telenet, the largest provider of broadband cable services in Belgium, wants happy customers, and customers are happy when they can solve any problems or answer any questions concerning a company's products on their own, or by simply calling a friendly helpful client advisor.

Telenet recently decided that their proprietary knowledge base -- known as the "Rolls Royce" of knowledge bases, was too expensive, hard to use, and that the vendor behind it was slow to respond to change requests or to fix bugs. Taking matters into their own hands they decided to develop the new knowledge base using Drupal.

Enlisting the help of Dataflow and Acquia, they managed to not only recreate the functionality of the old knowledge base, they enhanced it to have new features as well, such as awesome faceted search powered by Apache Solr. In fact, the new Drupal based solution was developed and launched using just the budget that Telenet had set aside for maintenance and bug fixing for the former proprietary knowledge base software!

One other cool feature is that Telent's client advisors use one copy of the knowledge base inside the Telenet firewall, and have special permissions to see extra inward facing content, while Telenet's customers access a copy of the site that lives outside of the firewall. You can check out the external knowledge base at .

Telenet online support

Telenet is happy enough with the new website that there are more Telenet-built, Telenet-hosted Drupal sites on the way.

Garmin using Drupal

Garmin dk

Garmin, the satellite navigation company, is using Drupal for their Danish site:

Ebay using Drupal

Tate using Drupal

Turbinegeneration tate

Turbinegeneration is a new online community that allows students in schools around the world to contribute, comment and rate each other's artwork. The goal is to invite art students worldwide to make a work of art specifically for Tate Modern, one of the most-visited modern art galleries in the world.

The site is based on Drupal. Web design firm BrightLemon London was chosen to build the online community.

Commonwealth Games using Drupal

Commonwealth games delhi

Though the games have only one more day to go (they were from October 3rd to October 14th this month), the XIX Commonwealth Games website runs on Drupal, and looks great. This 2010 Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi, and is the largest multi-sport event conducted to date in Delhi and India. Certainly a big win for Drupal!


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