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Tori Amos using Drupal

Tori Amos moves to Drupal: Another high-profile Drupal user, but unfortunately, the template design is not exactly my cup of tea ... it reminds of web design in the late nineties.
Tori amos

Eclipse using Drupal

Eclipse, the Open Source IDE/framework originally from IBM, is using Drupal for Eclipse Live:

Eclipse Live is your source of multi-media material about Eclipse projects and Eclipse-based products. Register for a live webinar or browse and view webinars and podcasts from our extensive library.


Discovery Channel using Drupal

The German division of Discovery Channel used Drupal to launch their new community website at Wunderbar!

Drupal and The Onion

For more than a year, The Onion, a fake news site, has been using Drupal. They have millions of visitors a day, and probably have one of the most popular Drupal sites in the world (not to mention one of the funniest Drupal sites in the world).

While that is a great testament for Drupal, no one really knew who built The Onion, and every once in a while that topic came up amongst us Drupal developers.

Well, not anymore! Yesterday, we gave them a surprise visit and stopped by their office in San Francisco. We met with Michael Greer, Director of Web Development, who promptly took us out for lunch. We ended up talking about performance and scalability over Greek food in the park.

So without further ado, one of the Drupal faces behind The Onion:

Michael Greer

Michael Greer, Director of Web Technology at <a href="">The Onion</a>.

Royal Flemish Philharmonic using Drupal

The website of the Royal Flemish Philharmonic is now using Drupal. The concept and design work was done by Internet Architects, the implementation itself by dotProjects. Another Belgian Drupal site!

9lives using Drupal

Belgium's biggest gaming site, 9lives (formerly known as relaunched using Drupal. They have 275,000 users and serve 500,000 page views a day. For their forums, they still use vBulletin though.

Grateful Dead using Drupal

TechCrunch reports that the Grateful Dead website is about to be relaunched as a Drupal website:

The new version of was created on the Drupal content management platform and features extensive archives cataloging Grateful Dead history, songs, photos, memorabilia, and shows, indexed and searchable by tags. Dead users will be able to participate in forums, upload their own photos, and bookmark concerts and shows they have attended. Fans will also be treated to exclusive free mp3 show downloads.

Grateful dead
(Via Bert Boerland.)


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