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NHL using Drupal

Canada's National Hockey League (NHL) is probably the highest level of professional ice hockey in world. With league revenue totaling 2.5 billion US dollars last year, the NHL is also big business. Joshua Schroeder, a Canadian Drupal developer, reported that the NHL has begun using Drupal for several interactive sites that allow fans to participate in the annual all-star game voting, and weekly fan favorite awards. Example NHL sites built with Drupal include: All these sites seem to be built with Drupal 6. More proof that Drupal 6 is getting serious traction. Good stuff!

Consumer Search running Drupal has been redesigned and is now running Drupal. The site is a part of the Group, a subsidiary of The New York Times Company. gets about 5.5M unique visitors each month (and growing). I don't know what server infrastructure they run on, but with the help from Jeremy at Tag1 Consulting, they configured Drupal to rely heavily on memcached and Drupal's built-in aggressive caching mode. Knowing Jeremy, they are probably trying to serve cached pages from disk, rather than from the database.

Consumer search

Disney using Drupal

The Walt Disney Company is using Drupal for the ABC Family community website. ABC Family is a cable television network that they currently own. In 2002, Disney acquired the network from News Corp for $3.2 billion USD.

Abc family using Drupal, the official website of Belgium, is using Drupal at This forum site has been put together in preparation for our Presidency of the Council of the European Union in the second half of 2010.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect is the fact that the site was built in less than 10 days. The Chancellorship of the Prime Minister picked Connexion to build this site with the help of Internet Architects.

The site is available in 4 languages so all Belgian citizens can express their opinions and engage in interactive discussions about European issues.

Forum2010 belgium be

Beyonce using Drupal

Beyonce's official website is now using Drupal. Oh oh oh!



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