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Randstad using Drupal

Randstad, a company providing temporary and permanent employment HR services, is using Drupal for their French site: Randstad is the second largest HR services provider in the world and has major positions in over 50 countries. Randstad is listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange. If you're looking for Drupal work, they might have a job opening ... (Hat tip: Joeri Poesen)

Linux Foundation using Drupal

In 1996, Linux kernel development is what first attracted me to Open Source, and what led me to contribute to the Linux WLAN project in 1999. Ever since, I've worked on or with Open Source projects pretty much full-time.

Last month at the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco, I met Mike Woster, Director of Business Development at the Linux Foundation, the non-profit consortium dedicated to fostering the growth of Linux. Turns out they are avid users of Drupal.

In 2008, they switched the Linux Developer Network to Drupal, earlier this year they launched a video site on Drupal, and most recently, itself switched to Drupal! And rumor has it there might be more to come ...

Linux foundation

InfoWorld using Drupal

InfoWorld relaunched on Drupal 6 yesterday! Check out their new site at InfoWorld has been around since 1978 and is a well-known resource for IT professionals. I hope they write up a use case because it is a great testament to Drupal 6.

The project was done by Optaros (an Acquia partner), with help from Airbag Industries for the design work. Chris Fuller was the project lead.


Francesca Battistelli using Drupal

Francesca Battistelli is using Drupal for her official website at The site is built by her record label Warner Bros Records (also a Drupal site), and is one of the best looking artist sites that I have seen. Nice!
Francesca battistelli

Michael Jackson using Drupal

Not only is there a new tour, but, the official site for fans of the King of Pop, has just re-launched, featuring some new community-oriented features and some old-school graphics from back in the day. was built using Drupal by the good folks at Sony Music. They are also using Mollom to protect against comment and forum post spam. Moonwalks!
Michael jackson

Brico Depot using Drupal

All of our French friends know Brico Depot as a big chain of DIY stores. Well, they are using Drupal now!
Brico depot

Ketnet using Drupal

Ketnet is a public children's television channel in Belgium, owned and operated by the VRT, a public broadcaster. The Ketnet site is using Drupal! (Hat tip: Seutje)


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