Led Zeppelin using Drupal

English rock band Led Zeppelin is using Drupal for their official website at http://www.ledzeppelin.com. According to Wikipedia, they have their own label called Swan Song Records. Rock!

Led zeppelin

Sun using Drupal

Sun Microsystems recently launched another cool Drupal site: Sun Learning Exchange. The site enables Sun employees to easily publish rich media training content such as videos, podcasts, and documents to be accessed by all Sun employees and customers. Media can be rated, sorted, and tagged by site members and is automatically transcoded and hosted on LimeWire. The site was built with the help of our friends at Chapter Three. Sweet!

Sun learning exchange

EA using Drupal for Battlefield Heroes

Computer and video game developer Electronic Arts (EA) is using Drupal for their upcoming shooter game called Battlefield Heroes. I'm not big on games, but their trailer looks fun so maybe I'll give it a try. It sounds like, for a change, I wouldn't repeatedly get killed by a ultra-skilled 15 years old ...

According to the trailer, they have big plans for their website. They want to use it to host a long-running territorial conflict meta-game. Curious to learn if that will be built in Drupal too.

Battlefield heroes

Metallica using Drupal


Wim blogged about it already, Bert encouraged me to blog about it (sort of), and yesterday at Foo Camp, security researcher Dan Kaminsky reminded me to blog about it: Warner Bros is using Drupal for Mission Metallica, Metallica's newest album. Rock!

Adobe using Drupal for flex.org

Adobe just relaunched flex.org as a Drupal site. The backend of the Flex powered showcase site, http://flex.org/showcase, is also using Drupal: it communicates with the Flex front-end using the Services and the AMFPHP modules. More information available on the Adobe Flex Team blog. They are using Mollom too.


Jabber using Drupal

I've been meaning to blog about this for months. So in case you haven't noticed yet, our friends at Jabber are using Drupal for jabber.org. They are also using Mollom to protect their website against spam.

I still want my Drupal to talk to my Jabber. Think "Drupal → Mollom → Jabber/XMPP → instant messaging client" to get notifications about new comments or other important events, for a example. Lots of other XMPP-Drupal opportunities as well ...


Femina using Drupal

Drupal continues to rock the newspaper and magazine world. Femina, a women's magazine, recently switched to Drupal. Femina is owned by Edipresse, one of Europe's biggest media and communications companies. They publish more than 200 titles, including some leading European newspapers (i.e. Le Matin, Le Temps, 24 heures).

Edipresse is known to use eZ publish for many of the group's websites. In fact, Femina used to run on eZ publish as well. I don't know the details but maybe more Edipresse websites will be Drupal-ized?


RTBF using Drupal

RTBF, the national broadcasting organization of the French-speaking part of Belgium, switched to Drupal. See http://www.rtbf.be. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the design but it must be one of the biggest Drupal deployments in Belgium. The site was built by One Agency. (Hat tip: Kristof De Jaeger.)


Universal Music using Drupal

Daniel Kruchkow, Senior Vice President Global Digital Initiatives at Universal Music Group, let me know that the Universal Music website, http://universalmusic.com, switched to Drupal a few months ago.

To quote Daniel: "We're more than happy with it and are looking forward to expanding our content and feature sets as time goes on. Our users love it."

Universal music

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