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Patriots game
Patriots game
Went to watch my first Patriot game at Gillette Stadium last night. It was cold and wet but fun. Check out all the photos in the album.

Ben and Ione

Ben and Ione

We had a fun and jam-packed Fourth of July weekend with Ben and Ione. They are some of our best friends from Belgium, and they'll be living in Boston for two months. Should be a lot of fun. Ben and I go back a long time; among other things we started Mollom together.

Second birthday Stan


Exactly two years ago, you took your first breath. Now you run, jump, climb, cook (with help from mommy), communicate and exert your independence (with help from tantrums). It is incredible to see your personality and skills shine through. Can't wait to see more of you, small buddy. Happy second birthday, Stan!


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