Pink using Drupal


Pink is using Drupal for her official website. She also began using Mollom to protect her site's content, and we've blocked thousands of spam attempts since. The site was built by her label Sony BMG. Yay!

Call me soft, but my favorite Pink song is "I have seen the rain", a song written by her father while he was stationed in Vietnam. You can watch the YouTube video below ...

Adobe Lightroom

Nikon-buddy Jeff Whatcott gave me a quick demonstration of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom when I was in Boston last week. Lightroom was clearly a winner application, so I was pleasantly surprised when Jeff hooked me up with a copy of Lightroom before I returned to Belgium on Friday evening. Although Jeff works for Acquia now, he continues to evangelize Adobe's products. ;-)

I spent a couple hours dabbling with Lightroom this morning, and I'm already in love with it. It is a lot easier than Photoshop CS which I've been struggling to master for years. Lightroom's sidebar widgets and workflow are simple yet powerful, and the non-destructive image editing and the smart saving please the engineer in me. Thanks Jeff!


Extreme makeover

As you might have noticed, got redesigned. The previous incarnation was getting a little old and the header was seriously out of date now that I left the university and co-founded Acquia and Mollom. Thankfully, Michael Angeles of urlgreyhot created a new theme for my Drupal site. Michael is a world-class information architect, user experience design consultant and long time Drupal contributor. Thanks Michael!

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