Making waves in Gijón

Waves in Gijon

I'm here in Gijón (Spain) to present at the W3C's Web Fundamentals conference. I went for a walk last night to ponder about Drupal, web standards, the semantic web, and what to talk about in my session today. Good thing I carried my camera because it is stunning out here.

SourceForge using Drupal

SourceForge, Inc (formerly VA Linux/Software, NASDAQ: LNUX) switched their corporate website to Drupal. Another public company with a Drupal site!

SourceForge operates many of the sites that had a huge impact on my early Open Source career, including (the world's largest open source software development and distribution environment), Slashdot (the web destination that pioneered community generated content and that provided inspiration for some of the features in Drupal 1.0), ThinkGeek (my favorite online shop of cool stuff and whose t-shirts turned me into a walking Open Source billboard evangelist), NewsForge (who published an instrumental Drupal 4.7 review), (who published many great Drupal articles), (where I publicly announced Drupal 1.0 on January 15, 2001; e.g. check this comment from 2001 on the Drupal Freshmeat page), and more. And last but not least, VA Linux's IPO (now SourceForge, Inc) helped make Linux a success, which is how I got involved with Open Source development in the first place. Fantastic news!


United Nations using Drupal

117 million people participated in the United Nations' Anti-Poverty event, and it was organized on a Drupal site:

Nearly 117 million people – close to 2 per cent of the world’s population – took part in events all around the world to stand up and take action against poverty and for the Millennium Development Goals. According to a United Nations' press release they broke the Guinness World Record for the largest social mobilization ever on a single issue. Furthermore, the United Nations unveiled that they secured around $16 billion in new commitments to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

The Stand Up Against Poverty site was developed by the great folks at Development Seed; and as you can tell from their blog post, they pushed the Drupal envelope once again.

It is great to help make a product that many people like, but it is even better when that product helps improve the world a little bit!

Stand against poverty

Mollom's world map of spam

Over the weekend, Ben created a map that visualizes the website spammers in the world as captured by Mollom. The map is updated multiple times a day and visualizes all the spam attempts over a time span of approximately 6 hours. Check out Ben's blog post for more details. Interesting!

Mollom spam map world

Lullabot podcast #65

I was featured on the infamous Lullabot podcast series. Jeff Robbins and I talk about Acquia, Mollom and Drupal 7. Check out the Lullabot podcast #65 (mirror) if you want. We kick it off talking about Acquia, the Mollom part starts around minute 25 and the Drupal part starts around minute 47.

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