Drupal sucks less

All content management systems suck, Drupal just happens to suck less. -- Boris Mann at DrupalCON Amsterdam, August 2005.

Almost a year later, I still think that Boris nailed it. We have a long way to go if we want to make it easy for (non-technical) people to create and maintain advanced websites.

Drupal meet-up at Zeitgeist


Liza Kindred (Lullabot) kissing the skull that marks the entrance of Zeitgeist, a biker bar that hosted the San Francisco Drupal meet-up. Not the most classy place for such meet-ups but I had a great time talking to the 40-50 Drupal people that showed up. Thanks for all the fun (and the Drupal feedback)!

Drupal meeting at Teh Space

Drupal meeting at teh space

Good food, beer and Powerbooks at the nightly Drupal meeting at Teh Space, a collaborative workspace in San Francisco. Attendees were Earl Miles, Jeff Robbins (Lullabot), Neil Drumm (Advomatic), Boris Mann (Bryght), Kieran Lal (CivicSpace) and myself. We talked about the install system, the Drupal administration pages and thinkered about Drupal's future.



Jeff Robbins (Lullabot) showing off his anchovy at the Korean BBQ.

BarCamp San Francisco

Barcamp San Francisco

When we arrived at <a href="http://barcamp.org/">BarCamp San Francisco</a>, <a href="/album/san-francisco-2006/harry-slaughter">Harry Slaughter</a> was doing a presentation on <a href="http://drupal.org/">Drupal</a>.


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