I'm in San Francisco this week to sing the Drupal gospel at the Gilbane conference. I take part in a panel discussion called Social Technologies for Ad Hoc Information Sharing. Also on the panel will be John Newton, co-founder and CTO of Alfresco, and Michael Wechner, president of Wyona.

Tomorrow evening, Chris Messina is organizing a Drupal and DiSo dinner to talk more about DiSo, a collection of tools to enable distributed social networking applications. Feel free to join us!

More details in the video blog below:


Roland Tanglao (not verified):

Cool, what camera did you use for this? Obviously not your Nikon DSLR? Wild a*s guess: Canon S5?

June 17, 2008
Itkovian (not verified):

Do put up the presentation when you finished it :-)

I liked the video, especially when you rotated the camera. You might want to drop the wave at the end though, it seemed a little hesitant.

June 18, 2008
Ealtamira (not verified):

Nice views of San francisco

June 20, 2008