Fields in Drupal core code sprint

Good news! During the week of December 15, we're organizing a 5-day Fields in Drupal core code sprint at Acquia! The goal is to get CCK functionality into Drupal 7.

So far, Karen, Yves and Barry have signed up -- Karen and Yves are the main CCK maintainers, and Barry has done a lot of work on CCK as well.

To help us fund the sprint, please consider making a donation using the ChipIn widget on this page. We need money for airline tickets, hotel rooms, food and transportation. It would also be great to fly in a few additional people with extensive core and CCK experience.

I've tentatively worked out a budget of $7,000 USD, which covers flight, food and hotel costs for at least four people (Karen, Yves, and two additional people). Since Acquia is covering my travel expenses and allowing Barry to participate all week long, that gives us six people working on CCK-fields-in-core for an entire week. Any excess money will be used to add more people, or donated to the Drupal Association.

To guarantee that Yves and Karen can attend, Acquia is funding Yves' and Karen's hotel and airplane tickets if enough money can't be raised through donations. Acquia is also providing working space in our Andover office.

We'll try to allow people to participate in the sprint remotely, and provide a daily update on our progress. If you're interested and available to participate, join the Fields in Core group, enable e-mail notifications, and block time in your calendar between December 15 and December 19. We'll use the Fields in Core group to plan and to let you know how you can contribute and participate.

This sprint could be an important moment in Drupal's history, so we're counting on your help. Please consider making a donation using the ChipIn widget or help us raise funds by spreading the word. Hopefully, fields in core can be this year's Christmas present. Thanks!


Wim Mostrey (not verified):

Even yesterday I left a comment about how I feared neither views nor cck would make it into core for Drupal 7. I'm thrilled about this initiative and am glad to have made the first chip in :)

December 02, 2008

Yes, I saw that comment and had to chuckle for a moment. I knew you would be pleased with today's announcement and was planning to follow-up on your comment today.

Thanks for your donation, Wim! :)

December 02, 2008
Rafael Silva (not verified):

I'm very happy to see this feature getting into core! It will be great to use the awesome features of CCK by default!

Congratulations for it!

December 02, 2008
Mike (not verified):

Great news - a project worthy of a few bucks (or euros or pounds or spacebucks...) from everyone seeing how it will greatly benefit all of us in the future...

December 02, 2008
Anonymous (not verified):

Cool! I really like where Drupal is going!

I've read somewhere that fields could be abstracted so it could be used for everything (profiles, comments etc). Would be really cool to see some movements in that direction too!

Keep up the good work with everything.

December 02, 2008
Tim (not verified):

Glad we could help get fields into core, what a great move for Drupal. Hope to see some cool stuff at DrupalCon DC on Drupal 7.

December 02, 2008
Dave Ingram (not verified):

Very exciting. Drupal 7 will be awesome. Thanks!

December 02, 2008
Olivier (not verified):

Would it be possible to make it easier to donate? Personally I do not have paypal or a credit card so I'd prefer a wire transfer. Or if my company wants do donate it would be nice to be able to have an invoice or receipt. You could, for example, bill a day's work or something like that.

December 03, 2008
chx (not verified):

Please find me at chx1975 gmail com and let's talk about this. I would like to go and I can invoice you.

December 03, 2008
momendo (not verified):

I can't see a more productive person to get work done than chx. :-)

December 04, 2008
David Strauss (not verified):

chx is rooming with me, and Four Kitchens will cover his costs there if he would otherwise be paying out-of-pocket.

December 05, 2008
Cary Gordon (not verified):

This is great. Next up: Views!

December 03, 2008
Roel De Meester (not verified):

I'm looking forward to this second open-heart-surgery to integrate one of the most actively used modules into drupal core.


December 03, 2008
Behets Tom (not verified):

Thank you very much for this!
I hope we meet the expected 7000$ before december 15th.

December 10, 2008
Sean (not verified):

I can offer some couch space in the Boston area if it helps cut costs on your code sprint. Just get in touch.

December 10, 2008