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Vinalhaven 2011

Axl and Dries swimming Axl concerned Axl on rock Axl sunglasses Axl winking BBQ Beach walk with Stan in his pyjamas Beans, the dog Boat Boating Butterfly motions Cabin Cabin Candy store Candy store Caterpillar Dishes Dishes Dries in mirror Dries swimming in quary Dries with Drupal t-shirt Evenings without electricity Hiking Karlijn Karlijn and Stan Kitchen Kitchen Kiting Lev Lev Lev Lev and Marianne Lobster boat Lobster boat Lobster boat Lobster head Low tide Marianne Marianne Marianne shadow Moonlight Nika Nika and Axl Nika and Axl Ori Ori Ori and Beans Ori and Nika Ori cooking Ori hunting for wind Ori in the woods Ori kiting Ori swimming Quary Quary Shoe cleaning Spider web Spooky Marianne Stan Stan Stan and Karlijn Sunset Tip Toe mountain Tip toe mountain View from cabin View from cabin Vinalhaven Walking Well Young seagull
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