Vancouver night skiing

Night skiing
After day 2 of the Open Source CMS Summit, some of us went night skiing on Cypress Moutain, located only 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver (Canada). From the downhill runs, you have a spectacular view on the city.

Content is NOT king

According to Andrew Odlyzko's research people are more interested in communication than they are in content. In Content is NOT king, Odlyzko writes:

The Internet is widely regarded as primarily a content delivery system. Yet historically, connectivity has mattered much more than content. Even on the Internet, content is not as important as is often claimed, since it is e-mail that is still the true "killer app". The primacy of connectivity over content explains phenomena that have baffled wireless industry observers, such as the enthusiastic embrace of SMS (Short Message System) and the tepid reception of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol).

I wonder how this translates to the adoption rate of internet applications? Will content management systems with a focus on user interaction and syndication (eg. community software like Drupal) grow faster than content management systems that focus solely on delivering content (eg. conventional broadcasting systems)? I think so, yes.

Open Source CMS Summit

In little over a week, I'll be speaking about Drupal at the Open Source CMS Summit, a conference for people interested in Open Source Content Management Systems. The conference takes place February 7 - 9 in Vancouver (Canada), right before Moose Camp and Northern Voice. Among people from the Plone, ezPublish, TikiWiki and the Wordpress community, more than 100 Drupal contributors have registered. Yes, more than 100. Utterly surreal.

NowPublic launches new website

NowPublic launched their new website today! Think of NowPublic as a combination of Slashdot, Digg and Flickr (albeit not as popular yet). Contributors share the news they read as well as original content that they write, creating a popularity index or "best of the news" which readers can then view by the subjects and locations that interest them. In addition, members can also contribute to any story by adding audio, video, and photos. Of course, they are using Drupal.

(Disclosure: I am an advisor to NowPublic.)