The past months have been absolutely crazy in terms of Drupal work. And there is still so much Drupal work left to do, it isn't even funny. Yet, with my marriage around the corner (and our honeymoon directly after that), it is time for me to disconnect and to avoid working on Drupal after hours. Time to unwind. I'll pick up my Drupal work and responsibilities in about one month. Please take good care of my baby during my absence.

In the mean time, chances are that I continue posting to my blog to report back from the joyous adventures of what is marriage.



While shopping in Antwerp this afternoon, we bumped into this old wasserette (laundromat). Very fifties, I might add.

FOSDEM 2006 photos

I just processed and uploaded a number of photos that I shot at FOSDEM. As an experiment I converted the photos to black and wite, and tried to give them a grainy look by adding some digital noise. Not sure I like it.

Steven wittens
Boris mann
Ivan labra

Take a look at the photo gallery for a couple more pictures.

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